About the meals
at Peewee's Kitchen & Restaurant

We provide 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner or halfboard with breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch. Every day we have a surprise menu, you can ask menu of the day and you can request something else if you wish, especially if you have food allergy or vegetarian.

However we have certain information regarding the meals, as follows:

  • Kitchen Opening Hour:

    The opening time for the kitchen is daily 7AM - 9PM.

  • Our Breakfast Menu:

    For breakfast menu, we have Western or Indonesian option. If you come in a group consists of more than 4 people, you can choose mixed menu.

  • Our Lunch Menu:

    For lunch and dinner menu, we always feature Indonesian dishes and normally served with rice. If you wish to have different carbohydrate intake, we will provide an alternative.

  • Dining Area:

    We only serve food in the restaurant / dining area during opening hour of the kitchen 7AM - 9PM. This way we can make sure that the food is freshly served and no dirt or insect come closer.

  • Spicy Condiment:

    Sambal or Indonesian spicy condiment is always served separately, you don't need to worry if you have sensitive stomach.

  • Vegetarian Friendly:

    Our menu include meat-based dishes (beef, chicken, fish), but we also provide vegetarian option.

  • Food Allergy:

    If you have food allergic, please inform us.

  • Special Order:

    You can order special menu or special snacks and beverages in the restaurant.

  • Eating Outside:

    If you wish to have lunch or dinner outside, please inform us in the morning.

  • Street Food:

    Be careful with street food if you have weak stomach. Your host, Meggie, has phobia of bacteria, thus she makes sure that all the food in our kitchen is hygienic.

  • Meals Schedule:

    We provide your meals at your convenience. You have to inform us what time you want to have meals, please be on time for dining because our food is best served warm. If you are not sure what time you want to eat, you can just go to our restaurant. It will take us around 30 minutes to prepare the food.

  • Lunch Box:

    If you plan to have a full-day trip, please inform us the day before so we can prepare lunch boxes for you to take away.

  • Check Out Snacks:

    If you check-out in the morning very early or you do not have time for breakfast, we provide fruits for takeaway.